Niki T. Marshall

For excellent legal care and representation, visit Marshall Law, in Stuart, Florida. Niki Marshall, Esq. is a skilled family law and criminal defense attorney.  She is an experienced and honest professional with the in-depth experience needed to properly present your case to win the best possible outcome. She welcomes new clients and treats all with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Marshall Law

At Marshall Law, we provide excellent legal services to people in Martin, Saint Lucie and Palm Beach counties. We work on an individual basis, crafting unique and creative solutions for many types of legal issues.  As a Florida Mediator, Niki T. Marshall is able to facilitate resolution of your issues.  Please see our Mediation page for more information.

Attorney Niki T. Marshall

A Stuart native, Niki T. Marshall began her legal career in the criminal sector as a public defender: protecting the constitutional and statutory rights of all citizens through the zealous legal representation of court appointed clients. Afterward gaining invaluable trial and courtroom experience, she expanded her legal knowledge by practicing civil and family law locally. Her well-rounded background has made her extremely diverse and able to tackle a variety of issues. Criminal issues and Family issues often intersect and impact each other; because of this, Niki T. Marshall is an asset you want on your side.

Family Law

Marshall Law offers compassionate, aggressive and confidential service for all your Family Law issues. Family Law issues are governed by a unique set of rules and procedures. You need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to assist you in successfully resolving these issues. If you are facing divorce and child custody issues, please call Marshall Law now to schedule your consultation.

Criminal Defense

At Marshall Law we understand that being accused of a crime is terrifying. We understand the questions that are racing through the minds of the accused and their loved ones. What will happen to me? How can I get through this? How will I afford this? Even more importantly, at Marshall Law, we have the answers to those questions. We will effectively handle any issue no matter how big or small, from speeding tickets to felony charges. Please call Marshall Law today.


Are you considering a divorce?  Struggling with child custody and parental responsibility?  A skilled mediator experienced in Florida family law can help you avoid an emotional, time-consuming, expensive trial where you may not receive a favorable outcome from a judge. Mediation can save you money and the process puts you in control of a negotiated outcome — it’s a win-win situation!  Experienced attorney Niki Marshall can act as a mediator in your dispute to help find a peaceful resolution.

Learn more about how Niki T. Marshall, Esq. can help you with your legal concerns. Contact Marshall Law, in Stuart, Florida.  Call us now at (772) 497-6454.